Matt founded Causeway Coasteering in 2010 but has been surfing, coasteering and exploring since early childhood. He's the creative force behind all the action! Straight away you’ll notice how genuinely warm and enthusiastic Matt is; about the coast, community and your coasteering experience. He knows the Causeway Coast like the back of his hand and is happiest when sharing it (and more) with others! Matt loves entertaining groups, caring for and getting to know his customers. Matt is a multi-discipline surfer, with over 20 years' experience. Lives in and loves Portrush.

Like Matt, but more charming! Everyone loves Barry. Cheeky humour and great knowledge of the coast, Barry combines years of freediving experience with a people-person personality to wow our customers time after time. Barry loves performing for your benefit, whatever that needs to look like on any given session. Spend any time with Barry and you’ll realise he reckons he owns Portrush.
Josh McM

Did someone mention performing?! By some distance, Josh is our most flamboyant guide! Josh cares… Mostly about the impression he’s making on you, and therefore he puts his back into your session! He brings a lot of energy, banter and flips but can also, thankfully tone it all down when that’s necessary.

You can actually see his mug in a few scenes in a season or two of Game of Thrones, but don’t admit that to him, he doesn’t need the encouragement! Josh and Matt are tied for the most annoying laugh, depending on who you ask! Matt’s wife says it’s him, everyone else reckons it’s Josh. Josh grew up in Coleraine, a few miles from the coast.
Josh A

An absolute gentleman. Huge, gentle giant… With an even bigger head! Physically, a massive head. You can just about get a helmet over that thing. But a lovely guy, easy nature and a great appetite for flips and tricks! We get rave reviews from our younger customers who are most impressed with the big man's repertoire of courageous airborne manoeuvres. Feel free to mention his huge head! Portstewart based.

One of the best, all-around watermen we have. Paddy can do it all, annoyingly well! I used to think he’d a massive chin but have realised over the last 10 years that the ladies love a jawline and Paddy has one of the best around! He grew up a mile from Dunluce Castle.

Paddy’s younger brother. Like Paddy, but a bit bigger and better!

Did someone say enthusiasm? John is one of the easiest guys to like on the entire coast. An immediately friendly and warm demeanour backed up by an extremely fit, strong and water confident physical condition. John is a beast of a man with a most congenial nature. You’ll love him if gingers are your thing! He’s always lived in the shadow of Portrush. We think his inner hillbilly keeps him outside the town.
Oli Hegarty

Speaking of hillbilly, meet our Oli! Our resident nutcase. He was sponsored by Redbull for freestyle motocross, then a sponsored snowboarder and even picked up sponsorship as a downhill mountain biker. You get the idea! The man knows his way around an airborne rotation or three! A force of personality and extremely good fun to be around, Oli is a favourite, especially if you want to go harder and faster. Oli has done lots of work with Game of Thrones over the years and he’d have been an asset to them. A proud Ballycastle man. I suppose someone has to be!

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